Why Shutterbug?

There are many different types of photo booths.  We categorize them into 3 categories.  The photo stand or “open air booth”, a camera with a backdrop and our one of a kind custom built enclosed booths.  Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Professional Camera  You will not find any point-and-shoots here.  Each 10-18 megapixel photograph from a photo booth session is saved individually and into a separate file on each event-specific custom print design for reprints that can be made at a later time.
  • Superior Lighting  The photo booth also utilizes the same flash lighting as professional photographers.  We use flashes rather than bright continuous lighting. 
  • User Interface  Each photo session is controlled by a 19” touchscreen monitor.  Visitors can select color, black and white or sepia photos on the enclosed booth models.  The monitor also serves as a mirror so guests can see exactly what the camera sees.
  • High-Speed Archival Printing  At the completion of each session, prints from Shutterbugs commercial-grade dye sublimation photo printer are printed in about 10-15 seconds each and can be retrieved through the photo slot on the exterior of the booth so that the next group of guests can start their photo booth session.  Unlike many of the ink jet printers used by some photo booths, the commercial printer used in the Shutterbug booth delivers prints in only seconds, prints are completely dry, prints are archival rated so they will not fade over time.  The printer prints duplicate photos which are then cut in half and one copy placed into your photo guest book for the guests to leave a note under.
  • Post-Event Reproductions  For $25 extra after your event, you can choose to receive a flash drive with all of the original photos and print layouts in full and web resolution for printing or just download them here.
  • Fits Small and Large Groups  The Original Shutterbug Booth was built with no back and a seamed curtain to fit small or large groups into each photo.
  • Photo Guest Book Included  In our wedding package each event gets a customized photo guest book put together by our trained photo booth attendants. They are there to create your guestbook and explain the process to your guests who may not know how the photo booth works.