Photo Booth FAQ’s

Do the guests get a copy?

…..Yes, the printer prints duplicate photos.  One goes either into a guestbook or both can go to the guest.  The guests strip is magnetized and serves as a momento for your event!

Can the strip be customized?

….Yes the strip can be completely customized with a business logo or can be personalized with your event information as a guest memento.  Our stellar graphic design team can create a custom strip for an additional $100.

What do you require for electrical? 

….We only need one standard outlet within 10 feet of where you would like the booth!

How many people fit in the booth? 

….Our record is 14!

Do you require a table? 

….The table is built into the booths, with an additional prop package we also provide a 6 foot table display. 

Does the time period include set up and tear down? 

….Yes, the photo booth will be set up BEFORE the start time and tore down AFTER the time period is up. Set up time is 30 minutes.

How much area does the Photo Booth take up? 

….The Photo Booth only takes up the size of a 6 ft folding table and is 6’5″ tall when set up. Collapsed it fits through a standard sized door and is on wheels.

Why does the “Big Box o’ Props” cost extra?

….The “Big Box o’ Props” consists of everything from oversized glasses to wigs.   After most events props show up missing, damaged or cannot be reused(i.e. mustaches).  Every prop box has over 50 props.  Our props are replaced or disinfected after each event.

Can we supply our own props? 

….Yes you can!  Our basic props are always included!

Should I tip the attendant?

…..Absolutely, our attendants give up their weekends and are the lifeblood of the company!

Is there a travel fee?

…..Within 40 one way miles there is no travel fee!

Do my pictures have to be uploaded to facebook?

….Our photos do NOT get posted to facebook anymore.  Instead they are posted in our event photo gallery and can be password protected with a password that is printed on every strip!

Do you give any other discounts? 

….Yes you can contact us for a custom quote IF your event is during the week, in the winter months(October-April) or if it is for a non-profit event.

Is the Shutterbug Booth handicapped accessible?

….Yes it is. The bench can be temporarily removed for wheelchair access!

Can we try out a booth first? 

….We encourage all of our potential customers to come to our shop to view our booths, meet us, and take some photos.  All of our customers are also welcome to come in and take “save the date” photos.

What is the biggest difference of your booth from others?

….The print quality & our Photo Booth construction.  Our photo booths are designed so well we have a patent pending! See other companies strips below and check out our Event Photos section to view our HD quality prints! You may also request strip samples by Contacting Us.